Join a local event

Joining an organised event is a great way to get motivated and fit. It’s much more fun to run or cycle with lots of other people all doing the same thing.

In this section you will find links to free sites which will show you what events are happening in Kent.


Running events

To find running events in your area visit either or

Cycling evehttp://www.therunningbig.comnts

To join a free cycling event visit

  • Florence, Hoo
    He makes working out fun and always encourages me to go that extra mile.
  • Neil, Ashford
    He has shown me how to work harder and more efficiently, transforming me from someone doing a few occasional pushups into a competitive distance runner.
  • Tara, Deal
    My fitness levels have really improved and I no longer feel intimated by exercise.
  • Paula, Lenham
    I have lost nearly 3 stone and can now run 8km and I am working towards 10km